1 - Python Programming Complete Beginner Course Bootcamp 2021
Learn Python Programming. A Premium level course with over 500 examples! No prior knowledge is needed.

2 - (2021) Carnatic Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide
(PART-1) Learn Carnatic Flute Beginner's course. Become a good player and prepare yourself to learn various Raagas

3 - (2021) Learn Flute Basics | Beginner's Guide | Geethams
(PART-2) Learn Carnatic Flute - A course of Geethams in various Raagas.

4 - Master class Bootstrap 5 Course - Responsive Web Design
Become an in-demand Bootstrap Ninja by learning all the web developments features for creating responsive websites

5 - Convolutional Neural Networks in Python: CNN Computer Vision
Python for Computer Vision & Image Recognition - Deep Learning Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) - Keras & TensorFlow 2

6 - Be an expert in English Grammar
Master all the English grammar tenses and structures rules

7 - Work From Home job start a Video Tutoring Online Career
Work From Home Jobs Passive income by learning a skill and then teaching it to others, the easiest work from home jobs

8 - The Complete Microsoft SharePoint MasterClass
SharePoint Online - SharePoint 2016 - SharePoint 2019 - Microsoft SharePoint 365

9 - WordPress for Absolute Beginners
Installing and Customizing WordPress Themes, Working with Posts and Pages, Writing and Optimizing blog posts and more

10 - Phases & Heat Treatment of Steel
Material Science & Engineering

11 - Microsoft Clarity for Web Analytics : A-Z Complete Tutorial
Learn Microsoft's latest new tool - Clarity - & get insights to improve your website experience and increase engagement.

12 - Shopify guide: The complete shopify store creation course
Shopify for beginners: Build you own e-commerce with shopify. No shopify experience or shopify knowledge needed

13 - Ms Excel/Excel 2021 - The Complete Introduction to Excel
Master Excel/microsoft Excel- Learn MS Excel - Excel formulas/Excel charts/Excel functions using Excel 2016/Excel 2019

14 - Complete Video Production, Marketing, & YouTube Course 2021
MASTER Video Creation, Video Editing, Adobe Premier Pro, Video SEO, YouTube Marketing, YouTube SEO & Facebook Video Ads.

15 - Complete JAVASCRIPT with HTML5,CSS3 from zero to Expert-2021
Learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and Bootstrap framework by building a modern looking responsive website.

16 - Complete Short Black Scholes Options Trading Pricing Course
Now Calculate fair value of Stock Options like a Bank as Complex Black Scholes Options Trading Strategy is Simplified 4U

17 - The Complete C Programming Course for Beginners
C Programming: The Fundementals of C Programming Language from Ground UP with Illustrated + Hands on Coding Expalanation

18 - Complete SEO Training 2021 | Rank #1 in Google with SEO 2021
Rank #1 on Google with Technical SEO, Pagespeed SEO, Backlinks SEO, Keyword Research SEO & WordPress SEO Course 2021

19 - Time Management And Goal Planning: The Productivity Combo
The ultimate guide to time management hacks to effectively set and achieve your goals by empowering productive habits

20 - Professional Adobe Photoshop CC Course With Advance Training
A Course To Learn Masking, Logo, T-Shirt, Business Card, GIF, Modern CV, Mockup, Mug, Retouching, Cover, Calendar Design

21 - 2021 Complete Pyomo Bootcamp: Python Optimization Beginners
Complete online programming guide on how to learn skills to build your decision analysis projects in Pyomo Jupyter

22 - Master Trigonometry and Calculus in MATLAB
Learn trigonometry, precalculus, algebra, geometry, linear algebra, complex numbers and number theory in MATLAB

23 - Microsoft Excel DATA ANALYSIS Using my Proven 4-Step System
Excel Data Analysis w/Pivot Tables. Learn my valuable 4-step system to IMPORT, CLEAN, ENHANCE, & ANALYZE data in Excel.

24 - Google Sheets for Beginners & Excel Users Who Need Sheets
Master Google Sheets whether you're a beginning spreadsheet user or are an experienced user of Microsoft Excel.

25 - Excel PowerPivot - Excel Data Analysis & DAX for Beginners
Use the Excel PowerPivot Data Model & DAX functions for fast data analysis. Learn KPIs, Measures & Custom Hierarchies.